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Anesthesia & Sedation (Fear of Dentistry)

Surprisingly a large percentage of patients let their teeth deteriorate due to fear. It is usually associated with some childhood experience or trauma.

IV sedation is the answer to this. It induces a state of deep relaxation with sleep and thus eliminates fear and pain during the procedure.

It is performed by an anesthetist, who will monitor all your vital signs in the dental chair itself. No theatre admission is required and recovery is immediate.

Dentists at PHSC are aware that many patients are anxious, hence they are sensitive to their needs. Tooth decay and gum disease are progressive and unless intervened will cause you to suffer unnecessary pain with eventual loss of teeth. Teeth play an important part in physical appearance. If you have unsightly teeth or you have not taken care of them properly, it can lead to problems with your confidence and self-esteem. Regular checkups will prevent this
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