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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is necessary when the pulp or soft tissue inside the root canals is infected or inflamed. It involves the removal of the infected tissue from the canals. Access is made through the centre of the tooth and the canals are thoroughly cleaned and shaped using files and decontaminated with irrigating solutions.

After this, the canals are obturated or filled using an inert material called Gutta Percha and a sealer.
Once root canal treatment is completed, the tooth is brittle as there is no blood supply to nourish and hydrate the tooth. In addition the loss of tooth structure due to decay and access made for the treatment undermines the structural integrity further weakening the tooth and increasing susceptibility to fracture. Therefore the tooth needs to be protected with a crown to prevent it from fracture and leakage.

Most root canal procedures are done in one to two dental visits, lasting around 1–2 hours. The dentist will assess based on the level of infection in the tooth.

At PHSC Dental, we have The Carl Zeiss microscope to assess fractures and to aid treatment in difficult cases.
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