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Smile Makeover

Spaces or gaps in teeth

Gaps in between teeth

Patient was conscious of the generalized spaces in her teeth. It not only affected her confidence to smile but also her speech. She first wanted the lower teeth gaps closed as they were more visible while speaking and smiling.

The lower teeth were chipped and discoloured. In two visits each lasting 2 hours, 6 lower veneers were done and cemented. Our in house technicians did chairside staining to match the rest of the teeth. In the patients own word, "I feel that my lower teeth are perfect now”

Cosmetic Gum Reshaping

A "gummy" smile can make teeth look short and unattractive. Gum re-contouring helps to correct gummy smiles as well as asymmetrical gum lines, creating a natural and even smile.

Gum contouring can be done either alone or in combination with porcelain crowns and veneers as part of a more comprehensive cosmetic plan.

Gummy smile

Complete Rehabilitation for Wear of Teeth

Habits such as grinding can result in sensitivity and fractured teeth.

Sensitive & abraded teeth

With the latest in modern computer assisted technology, complete reconstruction is possible and fast. 31 porcelain crowns can be designed & manufactured (CADCAM). The entire full mouth rehabilitation can be done in 2-3 days

Aging Smile

Our teeth age and over time, teeth darken and crack lines are often visible. Receding gums also lead to gaps between teeth and dental treatment done at different times often leave a mismatch of colours. In addition, the wearing down of the natural dentition also leaves sharp and jagged edges.

Aging teeth

For the above patient, light and translucent full porcelain crowns and veneers were used to close the gap to give a youthful smile. The gums were re-contoured to create a more harmonious gum line. Implants were also placed to replace missing teeth.

Full porcelain, crowns and veneers

Discoloured teeth

Discolouration of teeth is the darkening of teeth which is caused by a number of reasons such as aging, regular drinking of coffee and tea, using tobacco and root canal therapy.

The staining of the teeth surface may be removed by scaling and polishing of teeth routinely. For severe staining, bleaching may be required.

For single teeth staining due to root canal treatment, a porcelain, veneer or crown may be use.

Complete makeover

Our philosophy of tooth replacement is to provide an integrated solution – restoring form, function and facial aesthetics. Combining the latest surgical techniques with attention to cosmetic details and backed by our own in-house laboratory, we can provide a complete makeover within days.

Implants were placed to replace missing teeth as part of a cosmetic makeover. Porcelain crowns were used to improve tooth colour and alignment. The treatment was done under intra-venous sedation using a minimally invasive technique to reduce pain. With proper planning, there is little or no disruption to your lifestyle and you can resume normal activities almost immediately with a fabulous smile.

With the latest in modern computer assisted technology, complete reconstruction is possible and fast. 31 porcelain crowns were designed & manufactured (CADCAM). The front teeth were made from CEREC blocks (Vita, Germany) while the back teeth which required greater strength were made using E-max blocks (Ivoclar, Germany). Implants used were Replace Select (Nobelbiocare, Sweden)

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