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Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry practiced today. As a natural process of ageing, our teeth become discoloured and stained. Some of us are just born with dark teeth that become darker and more stained due to food, bacteria, antibiotics and smoking.
At Pacific Healthcare Specialist Centre, we practice two methods of tooth whitening. All teeth whitening procedures will begin with a consultation with the dentist to determine if the teeth are suitable for whitening.

During your initial consult, your dentist will inform you of the starting shade of your teeth and can show you on the shade guide the expected amount of whiteness that it is possible to achieve. However, please remember that results do vary and are on a case to case basis.

Take Home Whitening Kit

Take-home whitening is a process whereby whitening gel is applied to the teeth via thin flexible mouthguards. The active ingredient in the whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The customized tray will be fitted and the patient will be given detailed instructions on how to use the whitening kit

Patients apply the gels and it is left on overnight within a customized tray. After about 2 weeks of consistent application, visible results should be seen. During this period, coloured liquids and foods, such as coffee, tea and red wine should be avoided.

Alternatively, chairside whitening is done in the comfort of our dental surgery by a dentist and dental assistant. The gums are protected by a white barrier, so that a stronger concentrated whitening gel can be used. With chairside whitening, the process is accelerated due to the more concentrated whitening gel and a laser light. This method of whitening takes less time and is very effective.

Laser whitening

Laser Whitening is a method of whitening teeth without removing any tooth structure. A barrier is placed on the gums to protect them, and a stronger concentrate of whitening gel applied on the teeth. A dentist would then use a laser light to shine on each individual tooth. The laser light activates the whitening gel and speeds up the whitening process.

White barrier to protect the gums

The main advantage of whitening is the ability to improve colour of teeth in a relatively short period of time at low cost, and without trimming any teeth. At Pacific Healthcare, we combine different techniques to achieve optimal result.

Whitening may last for more than a year. However, longevity will depend on whether the patient is a smoker and the level of consumption of stain producing food and drink including tea, coffee and red wine.

What are the alternatives to tooth whitening?

Internal staining of dentine discolours the teeth from inside out. If the tooth is root canal treated, internal bleaching can remedy this. If your teeth exhibit heavy staining or tetracycline staining, there are other methods of achieving white teeth.

Veneers can mask tooth discolouration, and also can address mild crowding, crooked, misshaped or chipped teeth. Prior to whitening, it is recommended that you visit us to have your dentist check your teeth and gums. The gums must be healthy and your fillings must be intact before whitening can be performed.

Too much information for you?

Have further questions about teeth whitening or unsure if teeth whitening is for you? Drop us a message and our consultants will be happy to address your issues in person!

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