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Veneers/ Crown

Crowns and veneers can be used to whiten or even realign teeth in adults. When patients do not have the time or if braces may come in the way of their business or social life crown and veneers can give an instant result, Depending on the extent of improvement required, some or all of the teeth can be covered in order to achieve the desired look.

You can get that winning smile by using veneers and crowns to reshape and realign your teeth. The key is to achieve symmetry and harmony. Teeth and gum lines should be roughly parallel to the line between the eyes, the jaw line and the horizontal plane and should follow the curvature of the lower lip. Teeth should be balanced on both sides of the face and as far as possible, should coincide with the midline of the face. Gum health, contours and the amount shown when smiling are also important.

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